9/19/14 Form to Formlessness : The Spiritual Journey of a Sufi Psychotherapist

AnnmarieAgostaOn September 19th we will welcome an ASP Member, Annmarie “Zhati” Agosta, LCSW, a Sufi dervish of the Nur Ashki Jerrahi Sufi Order, and primary psychotherapist and owner of Authenticity Psychotherapy.

Annmarie will share with us the beauty of Sufism, the esoteric “core” of Islam and how her spiritual journey has affected her work with her clients.

Traveling this mystical path, the essence of which is described as simply “love”, has had a profound impact on the development of Annmarie’s work as a therapist, in both subtle and apparent ways.

Annmarie will discuss this spiritual journey which, she says, is “indistinguishable from life itself”, and how it has merged and become one with her practice as a therapist.

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