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The Association for Spirituality and Psychotherapy has been formed to foster and deepen the mutually enhancing, as well as constructively critical, relationship between spirituality, psychotherapy, and healing.
Members receive twice a year copies of Psycho-Spiritual Dialogue, the newsletter of the Association that includes articles, poems, book reviews, schedules of Association events, conferences, and workshops. Eclectic in its orientation, the newsletter functions as an interactive forum for its membership and as a vehicle for open-ended inquiry and exchange of new ideas in the fields of psychotherapy, spirituality and healing.

The Seven Benefits of Membership:

  1. No charge for Network Meetings.
  2. Free Listing in our yearly Professional Resource Directory (PRD) & Bi-Yearly Newsletter 
  3. Receive a Hard copy of PsychoSpiritual Dialogue in addition to reading it on our website
  4. 10% off on workshops, conferences & classes. 
  5. Advertise your Educational Workshops on our Monthly E-Newsletter and have it posted on our Social Networks. 
  6. Educational Audio Interviews both posted on our website (Professional Members only) and presented on Tuesdays at 10PM Eastern Time
  7. Have your Publications Listed on our Website
Membership is open to all individuals with a personal, professional or academic interest in the relationship between spirituality, psychotherapy, and healing. Individuals in health, medical, human services, professions including clergy of all religious affiliations, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, educators, lay people and students interested in or actively engaged in spirituality and psychotherapy are encouraged to join.
Professional Membership ………..$70.00
Full Membership ……………………$50.00
Student Membership ………………$35.00
(please contact us to send a copy current, valid student ID)
Organizational Membership …..$110.00
Joint Family Membership ………$100.00
Supporting Membership ……….$150.00
Life Membership …………………$1000.00
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Remember, membership is on a calendar year basis. See ASP Membership link on home page.

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