Michael Isaacs: Spiritually Oriented Psychotherapist

michael-s-isaacsMichael Isaacs, in addition to his traditional psychotherapy practice, Michael Isaacs adds a spiritual dimension.

The most important aspect of this spiritual addition is my own spiritual consciousness. This can place him in a state where he is more into an attitude of love, compassion, patience, wisdom, authenticity, and integrity.  Hopefully, his attitude and interventions will help his client’s self esteem, self love, and their own inner ego strength.

My spiritual dimension and path has been an exploration of many years.  He has been influenced by my spiritual teachers, spiritual literature, tapes and personal contacts with some of these spiritual teachers.  He has been particularly influenced by yoga philosophy, and the Old and New Testaments.  He has been interested in the wisdoms from Buddhism as well.  Key spiritual inspirations have been Vivekananda, Ramakrishna, Moses, Jesus, Lao Tse, Joel Goldsmith, and Thomas Hora.

His definition of spirituality is quite broad.  It involves the attributes of compassion, love, integrity, honesty,and creative interests.  When appropriate, he will label and acknowledge these verities as “spiritual”.   He encourage my clients, if and when they are ready, to experience any path that can lead to inner peace, gratitude, and love.


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