Jeffrey Gurian

jeffrey-gurianJeffrey Gurian has been involved for many years in the esoteric art of “Healing through Touch,” Gurian uses a technique he developed which he calls “STAR” Therapy.

“STAR” is an acronym for Spiritual, Transformational, Affirmative, Resonance Therapy, and uses a combination of modalities like Shiatsu, Reiki, Applied Kinesiology, Chakra Balancing,and Intuitive Healing, to treat stress -related illness and Depression, with a TMJ causation.

He is also the only non-classically trained psychotherapist on the Board of The Association for Spirituality and Psychotherapy, a branch of the National Institute of the Psychotherapies, and he wrote a weekly online column on Stress Tips, for several years, for the Slim Fast company.<

He also periodically lectures on his Healing and Energy work, at Energy Psychology conferences in this country and in Canada.

Gurian also developed a cure for stuttering which he first used to cure himself of that affliction.   He now works with other stutterers to teach them his technique for releasing themselves from what he refers to as  “the bondage of stuttering.”  It involves being able to change the way you think about yourself.

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