Lisa Fawcett Speaking On The 7 Sacred Rays of Light


On December 13, 2013 Lisa Fawcett, LCSW, will be speaking at

The One Spirit Learning Alliance, 247 West 36th Street

The Seven Sacred Rays of Light, also referred to as the Rainbow Rays or the Sacred Fire, are Rays of Light used by ancient civilizations to sustain their people and cultures in high states of unity, peace, harmony and love. Although invisible to the eye these rays exist here today and are used by various individuals and groups to heal themselves and our planet. Each ray has specific attributes and applications that assist in itown unique way. During this evening I will talk about several of the rays, their specific qualities, and how each one can be used to help ourselves, our clients, and the planet. I will focus most particularly on the violet ray since it cleanses and purifies discordant emotions and thoughts as well as beliefs and concepts that are holding one back. It is known as the “miracle worker” because it has the ability to dig below the conscious layers and transmute what is blocking us unconsciously. I will then present a woman I worked with, a very difficult case that was going no where, and illustrate how the use of these rays helped what would otherwise be considered a “hopeless case.”

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