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Cover   p.1
Sam Menahem, Ph.D.: Remembrance of John Marino   p.2
Peter Konrad, LCSW: Testimonial About ASP’s One Year Program   p.2
One Year Program   p.3
Bruce Kerievsky, A.B.: The Existential Challenge of Non-Judgmental Awareness   p.4
Sam Menahem, Ph.D.: Non-Judgmental Awareness: Is it Possible or Desirable?   p.5
Michael Grosso, Ph.D.: Judgment on Nonjudgmentalism   p.6
Charles Gourgey, Ph.D.: JudeoChristianity: A Way of Understanding Love   p.8
Sam Menahem, Ph.D. reviews “JudeoChistrianity: The Meaning and Discovery of Faith” by Charles Gourgey   p.11
Bruce Kerievsky, A.B.: Irene Siegel on Spiritual Resonance at the Jan. 20, 2012 Network Meeting   p.12
Susan Lee Bady, LCSW: Mourning a Loss   p.12
Theresa Palmer, MSN, RN, ANPC: Your Spirit, Your Health   p.13
Jeffrey Gurian, DDS: New Book Coming: Make ‘Em Laugh   p.14
Paul Lowe: Freedom   p.14
Bernard Beitman, M.D.: Your Problems Walk Into Your Office   p.15
John Rhead, Ph.D.: Psychological Causes of War and Poverty   p.18
Bernard Starr, Ph.D.: Brief Encounter with Mike Wallce, the Vineyard’s Famous Renter   p.21
Abbreviated Professional Directory   p.23