Kenneth Porter MD: Spiritual Psychiatrist

kenneth-porterKenneth Porter MD is a spiritual psychiatrist and psychoanalyst and practice spiritual psychotherapy for individuals and couples. By spiritual psychotherapy I mean therapy that is based on certain basic principles: (1) that we all are intrinsically good and awake; (2) that the most useful way to look at the difficult experiences of our lives is not through the lens of pathology, but of path – not that something has gone wrong, but that something is here to be learned; (3) that we all can exist in two different ways in our lives – the way of the ordinary self, and the way of the real self; (4) that healing consists of our learning more and more to live the way of the real self; and (5) that this can be facilitated by psychotherapists who not only understand all this, but are also personally learning to live their lives by these principles.

He was originally trained as a traditional psychiatrist from the perspective of psychoanalysis.  He studied Buddhism for many years and have been a teacher at the NY Insight Meditation Center for the last 14 years.  He have been a student of Kundalini Science since 2001, studying with the Kundalini Master Swami Chandrasekharand Saraswati of Rishikesh. His primary spiritual path is the Diamond Approach, the teachings of A.H. Almaas, which are teachings that integrate Western depth psychology with Eastern spirituality, and he is studying to become a teacher in that spiritual school.

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